Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a question about our services or products. There's a good chance this question has been asked by others before you, so here we are providing you with a list of frequently asked questions.

Our system saves all items in your shopping cart. You don’t receive an order confirmation. You can continue ordering when you login again. When you logout, you will receive your email confirmation.

Please send details/pictures to your supplier by email and explain the problem.

Yes it’s safe. When you logout, you will receive a separate confirmation email for different days.

Yes, the system saves items in your shopping cart. You don’t lose those items when changing department.

Please use the comment box that appears in the cart. (Image below)

Please login again, go to the cart, press the item you want to change and make the changes you want.

Your order is changed then. If you cannot change the order anymore, please contact your supplier and he will help you.

Click in “Forgot password” on the login page to receive your log in code/password on your email, or contact your supplier to request your log in code/password.

If you have a business in the Flowers and/or Plant trade you can become a customer.

We do not serve to the public.

To become a customer you can visit our register page.