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Virtual Grower Visit: Moerman Lillium [ Maj 3, 2021 ]
Our buyers visited Moerman Lillium, this nursery grows different types of lilies. Here they have seen how the Roselilly cultivated. This lilly has a full heart and is therefore completely pollen-free.  At the… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Zentoo-Kamuro [ Kwiecień 22, 2021 ]
This nursery at the Dwarshaak in Hoek van Holland started in 2000 with producing disbudded chrysanthemums. In 2017, this nursery entered into a partnership with the Zentoo group. In the… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: A. Bakker [ Kwiecień 6, 2021 ]
Since the beginning of the 70s, Nursery A. Bakker & Zn. BV has engaged in the art of growing bulbs and flowers. During their earliest years they grew tulips and irises. Lilies… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Batian Flower Kenya [ Marzec 25, 2021 ]
Located on the slopes of Mount Kenya, Batian Flowers Ltd. is well-known for producing incredible beautiful alstroemeria, florinca, roses and scented roses of unparalleled quality. In 1997 Batian started operations… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Het Gemaal [ Marzec 10, 2021 ]
Flower nursery Het Gemaal grows matthiola, tulips, snapdragons, lisianthus, trachelium and brassica. From 2010 the nursery is run by Aad Spil and Jacco Spil they took over from their father. In 2013,… Read More

Virtual Fair Visit: The Green Venture 2021 [ Luty 24, 2021 ]
We do not yet know what 2021 will bring. We can, however, assume that we will again face business challenges. For example, the traditional fairs will not take place for… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Chrywijk [ Luty 23, 2021 ]
Chrywijk is a nursery who grows year-round bouvardia's in big quantities, they grow nearly 20 varieties at the moment. ‘Brilliant Selection’, is a new name as well as a new standard for a… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Qualily [ Luty 9, 2021 ]
Last week we visited Qualily, a lily nursery for the entire range of high-quality lilies. They described themselves as entrepreneurial, quality-conscious and customer-oriented. The company was founded in 2000 through the… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: van Dijk Flowers [ Styczeń 28, 2021 ]
Last week we visited Van Dijk Flowers, a real family company with more than 35 years of experience. With two different locations they can produce the different varieties under optimal conditions. This… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Arcadia [ Styczeń 13, 2021 ]
Last Tuesday we visited Arcadia, the largest growers group of large-flowered chrysanthemums with an area of over 25 ha. At Arcadia we can choose from an assortment with more than… Read More

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