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Virtual Grower Visit: Borst Bloembollen [ April 16, 2020 ]
For the second virtual grower visit, we visit the nursery of Borst Bloembollen, this grower and breeder of tulips and producer of tulip bulbs grows the finest tulip varieties on… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: WF Leenen [ April 15, 2020 ]
Welcome to the first virtual visit the grower! As we can't visit the growers currently we have asked the growers to show their nursery and products through their cameras! The… Read More

Our Growers: Zentoo Chrysanthemums [ March 5, 2020 ]
Yesterday, our buyer Koos has visited Zentoo Chrysanthemums to have a look at the production for the UK/Irish Mother's Day. It looks great! Zentoo is growing Baltica Yellow, Grand Pink,… Read More

New Webshop App [ March 1, 2020 ]
Our new Webshop App is live! We are always working on improving our services. Our Webshop App has been around for a while and we've collected a lot of your… Read More

New Company Movie: From Grower to Florist [ February 29, 2020 ]
We have released a new company movie to show you the process from the grower to the florist. Enjoy! Read More

Webshop Tips [ February 27, 2020 ]
At Van VLIET we want you to get most out of our Webshop. That's why we are putting together Webshop Tips! In these tips we give you tips and tricks… Read More

Japanese Flowers [ February 24, 2020 ]
Flowers are grown all over the world, but Japan is a country which is a little special. All flowers there are grown in small amounts by small farmers who put… Read More

Westland On Stage [ February 14, 2020 ]
Last week we had a visit from several students from ISW Hoogeland and from Lentiz Floracollege. They were visiting several companies in our area that week to get them interested… Read More

Zero Waste [ February 5, 2020 ]
It would be a shame to throw out unsold flowers, so Parfum Flower Company decided to dry them! These beautiful garden roses that were given a second life are sold… Read More

Van VLIET Praha Special Order [ January 31, 2020 ]
Last week Van VLIET Praha had the order to supply a number of especially made hat boxes with special roses from the Parfum Flower Company. The hat boxes were delivered… Read More

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