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Virtual Grower Visit: Oudijk [ septiembre 23, 2021 ]
Our sales team visited the nursery of Oudijk, who are one of our suppliers for Gerbera's. They have a wide range of 61 varieties of Germinis, freshly available daily. With two new… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Qualily [ septiembre 7, 2021 ]
Our buyer visited the nursery of Qualily, they are one of our suppliers for lillies. They always keep innovation at Qualily and that's why they now have 3 new varieties. Odorless Doroso, This… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Linflowers [ agosto 19, 2021 ]
Our chrysanthemum buyer visited the nursery of Linflowers, they are one of our suppliers for chrysanthemums. This year they opent a new location of 7,1 ha, where they are growing Deligreen, Chic en Chic cream.… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Dutch Lily Masters [ agosto 6, 2021 ]
Former growers Paauw, Imanse and Dutch Lilies have merge to become Dutch Lily Masters. Years of dedication, knowledge and professional expertise are now combined together. They have 10 main varieties that they grow… Read More

Hunt your plants [ julio 27, 2021 ]
Van VLIET started working with Planthunters a few months ago.Planthunters is a platform where growers offer special and new plants, flowers and concepts.  As a retailer, you can hunt for these… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Kallaland [ julio 27, 2021 ]
Last week we visited Calla grower Kallaland in Voorhout. they grow 15 till 20 different varieties and colors. Outdoor cultivation requires a lot of care, but it does produce a top quality… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Chrywijk [ julio 12, 2021 ]
Last week Bouvardia Grower Chrywijk Bouvardia Brilliant Selection organized their flower trials, they showcased a selection of new varieties of Bouvardia to all their visitors. These are NOT in production… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Zentoo Group [ junio 25, 2021 ]
Last week one of our colleagues visited multiple growers from the Zentoo group. They visited growers for, spray chrysanthemums, disbudded chrysanthemums and santinis. In these greenhouses they are also testing… Read More

Visit from Ambassador of Colombia [ junio 25, 2021 ]
Fernando Antonio Grillo Rubiano, the ambassador of Colombia, came with his team to see how the flowers from his country are processed. They started in our location in Honselersdijk, here they saw… Read More

Virtual Grower Visit: Moerman Lillium [ junio 11, 2021 ]
Last week we visited Moerman Lillium, they had beautiful lilies in bloom. They had special vases to show the customers, it was a small open day but all COVID-19 proof. … Read More

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