Wholesale Flowers

Are you looking for wholesale flowers? You’ve come to the right place! J. van VLIET Bloemenexport offers not only flowers from Holland, but also your favourite imported flowers. Being part of the Van VLIET Flowergroup, Bloemenexport ships to wholesalers and florists in a wide area.
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J. van VLIET Cash & Carry Group

The J. van VLIET Cash & Carry Group offers a great way for our fresh cut flowers to find their way to your shop. With 16 Cash & Carries in the UK, eight throughout the rest of Europe and one in the USA, the J. van VLIET Cash & Carry group is your go-to flowers wholesaler.
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Flowers From Abroad

Our Import Department makes sure the best flowers from Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia and much more are available to you! Gorgeous Freedom Roses, amazing Spray Roses, stunning Protea from South Africa and much more. You can find them all in our Webshop!
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For the Florist

As a flower wholesaler, J. van VLIET Bloemenexport always keeps the florists in mind. Where a lot of wholesalers offer their products only in bulk, which can often be too much for a florist, Van VLIET offers flowers in more suitable amounts for florists as well. We help you to create more variety to your store!

Wholesale Plants and Sundries

The Van VLIET Flower Group also includes Van VLIET Potplants, our wholesale plants department. Many varieties of houseplants and garden plants are available through our Webshop, for an even wider assortment in your store.

Our Wholesale Sundries assortment gives you plenty of choice in decorative items to create that perfect arrangement. Our products can add that bit of spice your bouquet needed to stand out even more. The gorgeous Preserved Roses that last for years are also available in our Sundries department.

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Become Our Customer

Interested in becoming a customer and get access to our huge assortment of flowers, plants and sundries? All you need to do is follow the steps through our registration page.

If you have any questions before registering, feel free to contact your preferred Cash & Carry, they will be happy to help!