Webshop Basics

When you login for the first time, the webshop will open in the default department. It will always show you the first available date to buy from and All Pricelists available. At this moment you are ready to start buying, or you can narrow down your search through the menu.

The Menu

In the menu on the left you are able to select the Department and the Departure (NL) or Arrival (CC) date to see which products are available for you to buy. The menu also contains filtering options to narrow down the products to the specifications that you need.


When you have selected the department and date your want to order from, you can start buying. In the standard view of the webshop, which shows a grid of all products available, you are able to use the input boxes under the products to select how much you want to buy. You can use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to increase or decrease the amount as well. Clicking on the "Buy", "Order" or "Confirm" button will add this product to your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

To open the shopping cart, you can click the shopping cart icon in the top right of the screen. Anything added to your shopping cart is automatically confirmed. The products you have added will remain in your shopping cart, even after logging out. This way, you will be able to add products to your order or cancel products from your order. Please be aware that not all products can be cancelled from your shopping cart.

Finishing Your Order

With your products in your shopping cart, your order is already complete. When you click on "Send email & Log Out", you will receive a confirmation email with the changes you made in your last session. If you would log back in, add 1 item and log out again, you would get another confirmation email with just the one added product. Read more about this in our Shopping Cart Webshop Tip.

More Tips

These are the Webshop basics. Of course there is much more to our Webshop that can help to make your buying process easier. Check all our Webshop Tips for more detailed tips about the subjects above and much more!