Shopping Cart

The shopping cart in our Webshop isn't like most Webshop shopping carts. In this Webshop Tip, we share some useful things to know about the use of our shopping cart.

Multiple Shopping Carts

We do not have one shopping cart for the whole Webshop, instead you'll get a separate shopping cart for every order. This is limited to one order per department + date combination. For example, you will have a separate shopping cart for your flower order on the 24th, your plant order on the 24th and your plant order on the 25th. You will receive order confirmations for every change in the order you make to help you keep an overview of what you ordered for which dates.

Your Shopping Cart Stays Full

The products you have ordered remain in your shopping cart. You will not be able to duplicate your order in any way when logging out. The items remain in the shopping cart for you to add more items to your order or change / delete items from your order. Not all products can be deleted, read more about this in the next section of this Webshop Tip. Once you can not make any changes to your order anymore, you won't be able to view your shopping cart anymore. You will receive an email with all details about your order for that day and department.

Changing Order

While the shopping cart is available to you, you will be able to make changes to your order. You can add products, add remarks and cancel products. For cancelling products, it's important to know that you can not cancel every product added to your cart. Some products are bought in a direct link with the grower's system and are not able to be cancelled. In case you ordered this by mistake, please contact your salesperson to ask if it can still be removed from your order.

Another case when a product can not be cancelled anymore, is when the product has been packed for you already. As soon as the product is in your shopping cart, it is in our system to be prepared for you. That's why it's important to only add products to your shopping cart that you are sure you want to order: anything in your shopping cart is automatically confirmed.

Confirmation Mail

Like we've mentioned before, your shopping cart stays full. Even after receiving the confirmation mail, the items will remain in your shopping cart.

The confirmation mail will be send automatically when clicking on "Send email & Log out". Note that if you are logged in on another device, this could delay your confirmation mail to be send. Make sure to logout on every device, including the Webshop App, if you want to receive the confirmation mail instantly. In other cases, the confirmation mail will be send 30 minutes after your last activity in the Webshop.

Every time you add products or remarks to your order, you will receive the confirmation mail for the changes that you've made. For example, when you start your order by adding some products and then click "Send email & Log out", you will receive a confirmation of those products. If you log back in and add another product, you will receive another confirmation mail with just the added product.

Check You Cart

When you are done with your order, you should always check your shopping cart as a double check. Products that are bought direct from the grower can have a message under it saying in red "Waiting for grower confirmation". Our system will check with the grower's system to see if that product is still available. It can happen that this product is not available anymore or something went wrong in the connection with the grower's system. In this case, this product will automatically be removed from your shopping cart.