This Webshop Tip gives you more information about the various options for buying our products. We'll show different ways to add you products to your shopping cart. More details about the shopping cart are available in another Webshop Tip: Shopping Cart.

Order Amounts

In the standard view (Big Photo View), every product has an input box below the picture. Here you can add the amount you want to order for this product. The amount you put in this field will automatically adjust to a multiple of the minimum order amount. For example, when filling in 60 stems for a product that is sold per 80 stems, the number will automatically adjust to 80. It's useful to use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons, as they add or deduct the minimum order amount of the product. When you're happy with the amount you have put in, you can click on "Buy", "Order" or "Confirm" (depending on certain Webshop Settings) to add this amount to your shopping cart.

Other Views

When using the Webshop in the "Small Photo View" (you can change this in the top right of the Webshop), the input field and Buy button are available on the right side of the page. Are you working even more compact by using the List View? You will find the input field and Buy button on the same place. In both views, the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are still available.

Detail Window

Another window you can buy our products from is the Detail Window. This view shows all the details for one specific product. The input field for order amounts works the same and is located below the picture. Note that you are also able to add a remark to this specific product in the detail window. More information about remarks will be available in a future Webshop Tip.

Shop is Closed

During opening hours of our Cash & Carries, their Webshop will be closed for buying. We close their Webshop to be sure you can get the products you order, as that same product could be bought at the same time in the store. You can see if the Webshop is closed and when it opens in the top left of the screen (see image). If you need to buy flowers while the Webshop is closed, you will still be able to buy from the Flowers (NL) and Plants (NL) departments. If you see a product from your Cash & Carry that you really want, you can always give them a call to ask them to add this to your order.