Van VLIET visits Red Lands Roses farm in Kenya

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Located in Thika and another eight locations in the Kenyan Kati province, Red Land Roses farm stands out in its focus on sustainability, the process of harvesting the flowers and its notable charity work.

At Red Land Roses over a 100 of T hybrid, sprays and garden roses are grown. Van Vliet representatives had an opportunity to visit the farm and hear first hand about the particular way of harvesting roses three times a day, in their ripe stage. As Stefano Banella of the Red Land Roses explained, late cutting prolongs the life of roses once they are in the vase. With an experienced eye, they monitor crop closely to make sure it’s cut at the right moment so the good quality can be guaranteed. To make sure that open flowers are transported safely, they apply strict rules of cooling the flowers for a minimum of six hours after cutting. They are placed in tanks containing nutritional preservatives and then meticulously selected, bunched and tagged to insure traceability of every stem in every possible detail.


Another outstanding quality of Red Land Roses farm is its emphasis on sustainability. Namely, this grower is the only one in the country relying on a 100 percent soilless production with 100 per cent water recycling. In the recent past they started using pumice instead of soil and have installed solar panels to generate as much of their own energy as possible.

Part of the revenue the farm spends on various education projects, a day care, a clinic and other Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the area.

Pictures by Floral Daily