Preserved Roses

Our preserved roses are made from 100% real flowers. The roses are cut in their most beautiful stage, before going through a preservation process to make them last long (up to 3 years!) and keep their vibrant colours. The stabilisation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, effectively forming a still-image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved flowers and plants remain beautiful and unchanged for months without watering, light and virtually maintenance-free.

Long Lasting Beauties

The flowers are treated with a stabilisation liquid that replaces the sap inside. This way the flowers will keep their fresh look and feel for a very long time, up to three years!

Before, drying flowers were the way to make them last much longer, however this technique makes the roses very fragile and will break down after a month or six. By preserving the flowers, the 'vase life' increased 4 to 6 times, while not making them fragile like dried flowers and while keeping the vibrant colours like they have been freshly cut the day before.

Colourful Assortment

Roses are red... but they are also yellow, green, white, blue, pink and much much more! Our preserved roses have an amazing assortment of colours to choose from. By not limiting ourselves to one supplier, we are able to offer this wide range of colours. Besides the classic vibrant red roses, there is so much to choose from we can't name them all here. Why not have a look in our Webshop to see if we have the exact colour you need! Maybe you like aqua turquoise? Or perhaps copper metallic? There is plenty to choose from!

Size Matters

Regular roses come in many different headsizes and lengths. Of course, our preserved roses are also available in many sizes. Headsizes that reach from 4cm to 12cm, with or without stem (up to 50cm tall) and all of them packed elegantly for display in your shop: the wide assortment of preserved roses keeps growing and will most likely contain the exact colour and size you need.