Virtual Grower Visit: Ansu[ januari 4, 2022 ]

Yesterday one of our buyers visited the Vanda nursery from Ansu. Vanda is a genus in the Orchid family and is originally from the high trees of the Himalayan jungle. At Ansu they produce Vanda in many colours as cut flowers and Potplants.

You can use single Vanda flowers very well in corsages, bouquets, and flower arrangements by placing the single flower in a small water tube. The flower in fact uses little water.

Should the flowers become somewhat limp, put the entire flower spike in water overnight. You will see that after this treatment, the flower spike is refreshed and the flowers are firm again. The optimum temperature range to store Vandas is 16-25 degrees Celsius (61-77 degrees Fahrenheit).

For any questions or special orders just contact your Van VLIET salesperson.