Hunt your plants[ July 27, 2021 ]

Van VLIET started working with Planthunters a few months ago.

Planthunters is a platform where growers offer special and new plants, flowers and concepts.  As a retailer, you can hunt for these items at the auctions, but also in the webshop where items are available at a fixed price. 

When you have placed an order or won an auction, J. Van Vliet will make sure that the order is delivered or can be picked up (as agreed). In this way, it has the following advantages for you.

Possibility to buy special and new plants, flowers and concepts directly from the grower
More efficient searching, more time-saving
Easy handling of your orders through J. Van Vliet
Always transparency
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More special and new products with less effort!

Contact your Van VLIET salesperson to know more about this special platform and how it’s works!