Floranti is Live!

On Friday morning at 8:38 our Buyer Tom de Ridder was the first to purchase from Floranti. He bought a nice trolley of Sweet Avalanche from Meijer Roses. After months of preparation, this is the official kick-off for Floranti.

Floranti is a truly independent platform to connect growers with traders. The focus is on findability and visibility of the products: Connect and Attract. In this first fase, the connection of the ERP systems of providers with the systems of the professional buyers are emphasized.

Floranti is unique because growers and traders are able to become co-owners of the Co-operation Floranti U.A.. Various companies have connected by now, because they believe in the concept to automate the business together. Some have been published (Van VLIET Flower Group, Vireo – Hedera Plant and Ti Sento), others will publish their name later on during the proces.

Floranti Director Maurice van Winden is delighted to see Floranti go live: “It’s amazing that after months of hard work we have achieved this result. During the test fase I noticed right away what it means that traders and growers really participate: They are really motivated to put in the effort together. The future is looking good!”

Also Frank Veenman (Director J. van VLIET Bloemenexport) is excited about Floranti. “In a short amount of time something nice has been developed that can only grow to strengthen the co-operation between growers and traders. We started to use it for buying now. Soon we will also offer our imported products on Floranti, with that we’re really doubling down. Of course we hope our suppliers and colleague traders will become a member of Floranti as well, so the support keeps growing.