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Our Website uses Cookies

For our website to function properly, it uses cookies. Cookies are files that store a bit of information on your computer, allowing our website to use that in your advantage. Because of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we want to be clear on what cookies our website uses to give you a better user experience.

We do not sell or share the collected data to or with any third party.

What Cookies are used on

Google Analytics

These cookies are to help us track where visitors on our website go, how they got there, how long they stayed on a page and so on. This helps us to improve the layout of our website and to provide your with better content.


This cookie is to save your language preferation. Currently we have not implemented multiple languages on our website. Once we have added multiple languages, this cookie makes sure the next time you enter the website, it’s in the same language as when you left.

Social Media

At the top of all our Newsarticles, you can click Like (Facebook), Share (Facebook) and Tweet (Twitter). By clicking on these buttons, a cookie is generated. This cookie does nothing until you login to Facebook or Twitter, after which the social media platform is responsible for what happens with the cookie.
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