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Get them before they are sold out!

Among our range of gorgeous Preserved Flowers, there is a very nice selection of Red Ice Dry Roses. These roses, just like all our Preserved Flowers, last for years, so why wait with getting enough for Valentines!

How come these roses last for years?

The Ice Dry Roses are treated in a way that they keep there natural look and vibrant colours for years. They are treated with a plant-based and biodegradable preservation liquid, no toxic ingredients are used.

What choice do I have in Red Roses?

The varieties of Preserved Flowers are endless. Among our red roses, we offer many sizes, with or without stem and in various shades of red. Scroll down this page to find our complete assortment of Red Ice Dry Roses (including multi-coloured roses that contain red), or login to our Webshop and find them in our Sundries (NL) department.

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